Conway Springs Middle School

Student Planner


FIRST HOUR 8:00-8:48

SECOND HOUR 8:51-9:34

THIRD HOUR 9:37-10:20

FOURTH HOUR 10:23-11:06

FIFTH HOUR 11:09-11:52

LUNCH 11:52-12:18

SIXTH HOUR 12:24-1:07

SEVENTH HOUR 1:10-1:53

EIGHTH HOUR 1:56-2:10 (2:42)

NINTH HOUR 2:45-3:30


The policies, rules and regulations in this book have been adopted by the Board of Education and therefore are considered to be board policy. Some rules are not listed in this book, as it is not all-inclusive. Further rules and regulations and needed changes will be left up to the discretion of the building principal.


Students are not to be at school prior to 7:40 a.m. Beginning at 7:45 a.m., students may wait on the patio area where a faculty member will be supervising. Only during extremely cold or inclement weather will students be allowed in the gym at 7:45 a.m. Students will then be allowed in the south entrance of the school gym. Students are to go to their first hour classes immediately. No student should be in the building after 3:40 p.m. unless supervised by a teacher. Breakfast is served at the grade school or middle school beginning at 7:40 a.m. daily.


Students will be counted tardy if they are not in their assigned seat by the start of class (when the bell rings). Students who are tardy to school first hour must check into the office before going to class. The student must have a note signed by a parent. A student more than 20 minutes tardy to class will be considered absent. Students will spend detention time for the time lost in class on the first offense. A 30 minute detention will be served after the third tardy in a 9 weeks. Excessive tardies may result in a parent conference, extended detention, or ISS (In School Suspension).


Eligibility for inter-school activities is determined by the Kansas State High School Activities Association and the Board of Education of U.S.D. 356. A student shall have passed at least five units of credit in the previous semester of attendance to be eligible to participate in inter-school activities. The student shall be a bona fide member of Conway Springs Middle School and in good standing. A student who uses any form of tobacco, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, etc. at school events is not in good standing. An incomplete shall count as a failure. It is important that all students realize that deliberate misbehavior, destruction of school property, or excessive absences will cause them to lose their good standing in school, and as a result, their eligibility to participate in inter-school activities will be denied. In order to be eligible to participate in any KSHSAA sponsored activity or practice, the student must be in attendance the entire school day unless excused for the following reasons: Doctor Appointment verified by a doctor’s note, a court appearance verified by a note from the court, funerals, and religious holidays or observances as verified by a parent’s note. No other excuses will be allowed unless prearranged and accepted by the building principal or his designee.

Student’s grades will also be checked every day. If a student has an F in any class, the teacher has the option to keep the student everyday before or after school until that grade is improved or the teacher reserves the right to keep the student in the classroom during athletic period. If a student is not passing seven subjects at that time, he/she will be placed on probation for a two-week period. If at the end of the two-week probation period, the student is still not passing seven subjects, the student will be considered ineligible until they are. Eligibility includes all students attending dances, field trips, plays, etc.



Report cards are issued at the end of each 9-week session. Letter grades are used to designate a student’s progress.

A= 4.0 B= 3.0 C= 2.0 D= 1.0 F=0.0

Students will have a maximum of one week to change an incomplete grade. Failure to do so will result in the incomplete being changed to an “F”. Progress reports will be sent home at every mid-9 week grading period. Interim reports may be sent as needed.


The student council and faculty at CSMS have determined that students with a 3.50 or higher grade average (on a 4.0 scale) will be placed on the Principal’s Honor Roll each quarter. Students who maintain a 3.30 to 3.49 grade average will be awarded Honorable Mention status.


Academic dishonesty is not acceptable. Cheating, defined as copying another student’s work and claiming it is your own and plagiarism, defined as the use of another person’s original ideas or writing without giving credit to the author, are both prohibited practices. Materials taken from electronic sources are covered by this policy. A student who engages in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to the loss of credit for the work in question, as well as other disciplinary measures up to and including suspension and expulsion. The first issue will be dealt with in the classroom by the instructor. The second and any subsequent offenses will be dealt with by the office through an office referral.


All efforts will be made to avoid scheduling school activities on Wednesday evening or Sunday, as these two times are reserved for church and family activities.


Students who have been absent from school must pick up an admit slip from the office. Teachers are not to admit any student who does not have an admit slip from the office.


The following are prohibited:

-The display of posters advertising activities, commercial dances, meetings, etc., not connected with the school.

-Ticket selling campaigns in the school for events, which are not school sponsored.

-The selling of magazines or any other articles by recognized student groups unless specifically approved by the Board of Education.

-Solicitation of citizens or businesses of the USD 356 in the name or interest of the school or a school organization for contributions or donations of any kind unless approved by the Board of Education.


Any possession, use, sale, or purchase of any of these items is a direct violation of the law and school policy. If a student is caught doing any of the above, the matter will be turned over to the local authorities and the student will also receive a suspension for the crime. The suspensions may range from 1 day to expulsion depending upon the circumstances. This policy also covers any substance presented as an illegal substance whether it actually is or not.


In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency regulations regarding the Asbestos in Schools Rule, the students, parents and staff of Unified School District 356 are hereby notified that all boiler sheeting and pipe lagging has been inspected and repaired and will continue to be repaired as though they contain asbestos. This is being done in order to reduce the possibility of exposure to possible toxic material. Further information may be obtained by contacting your child’s respective school office or the Board Office, at 456-2961.


Students will be required to have an assignment planner. These planners will be provided to each student. Each student must take his/her planner to each class. The assignment planner is a responsibility of the student. Assignment planners will act as a pass to the library, office, etc. If the assignment planner is lost, the student may have to have it replaced at a cost of $5.00 in the office. Parents are strongly encouraged to use the assignment planner as a communication device between the student and the classroom teachers. Simply request that your student take their planners to the teacher for requested information, such as grades or homework assignments. Students will need to fill out their planners, and staff reserves the right to check planner completion.


Students must be in attendance to have an opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge and skill levels. If absences become excessive, the principal will contact the parent/guardian and a conference will be scheduled to try to solve the problem. If this conference is not successful, the principal may contact the county court system for help. If a student is not present for most classes, they will run the risk of failing. By state law, KSA 72-1111 through 2-1113, the school is required to notify juvenile authorities if either three (3) consecutive days of unexcused absences, five (5) or more days in a semester, or seven (7) in a school year. This applies to students 16 years or younger. Prior to reporting to either the SRS or a county attorney, a letter shall be sent to the student’s parents or guardian notifying them that the student’s failure to attend school without a valid excuse shall result in the student being reported truant. Law enforcement officers may return truant children to the school where the child is enrolled, to the patrons, or to another location designated by the board to address truancy issues.

Parents should contact our office between 7:15 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. when their student will be absent. Following each absence, the student must bring a note from the parents explaining the reason for the absence. Notes will not be accepted after two school days.

Examples of excused absences:

1. Student Illness 4. Death or serious family illness

2. School sponsored activities 5. Emergencies

3. Work on family farm or business

Examples of unexcused absences:

1. Missing school bus 4. Hair appointments/shopping trips

2. Skipping school 5. Oversleeping

3. Babysitting 6. Leaving school w/o permission

It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that is missed. It is the responsibility of the principal if the absence is excused or unexcused.

Makeup work will be allowed for absences. In general, one day is allowed for each day of excused absences to make up work. A maximum of five days will be allowed for any extended absences. The individual classroom teacher can make exceptions to this time limit rule.

Vacations or trips with parents must make up the work in advance. With teacher’s permission, homework can be turned in to the teacher no later than the first day back in class.

Students who are suspended must turn in their work on the day that they return from their suspension.


Inclement weather and other emergencies may make it necessary to dismiss school or close school. The Superintendent of Schools will make the decision to close school. Please do not call the school; instead listen for the official announcement for school closings over the school messenger system by the contact information that you have provided to the school office, or by the following radio and television stations: KLEY (Wellington), KFDI, KFH, KSNW Channel 3, KAKE Channel 10, and KWCH Channel 12.


Students will be charged a textbook rental fee per year. In addition to textbook rental, there will be incidental fees to cover lab fees, workbooks, magazines, etc. in some classes. Fees are due at enrollment time. Report cards will be held when there are outstanding enrollment fees not paid. Students withdrawing from school will be given a refund based on the time of year they leave. First 9 weeks- 75%, Second 9 weeks-50%, Third 9 weeks- 25%, Fourth 9 weeks- 0%.


Students who desire to eat breakfast do so at the elementary school. Breakfast is served at 7:40 a.m. Students are asked to eat a prepared lunch at school or bring a sack lunch. If a parent wants their child to go home for lunch, the office must have a signed and dated note from a parent or guardian requesting this. Students are to follow all posted cafeteria conduct policies. No food is to be taken out of the cafeteria with the exception of food left in lunch sacks or pails.


Students shall not possess cell phones during school hours. If brought to school, the cell phone should be turned off and locked in their locker. Failure to follow this policy may result in detentions and/or suspensions. No texting or use of cell phone or other type device may be used at school without permission from the administration or a teacher. Students will go through a Digital Citizenship curriculum.


The first week of each semester is set aside to make any necessary changes in class schedules. Students will not be allowed to make random changes in their class schedules. Changes will only be made when special circumstances warrant it. The parents, teachers involved and the principal must approve schedule changes.


All students are to dress neatly, in a manner that is not distracting to other students but rather in a way that is conductive to a positive learning atmosphere. School should not be a fashion show, but a place to learn.

As you begin shopping for school apparel, keep the above statement in mind. Proper dress and grooming are necessary in order to have the best learning situation. Such dress and grooming are to be based on the safety of the students, normal personal hygiene and non-disruption in the classroom.

Hair: Should be clean and well groomed. No outlandish or disruptive styles or colors. The administration reserves the right to evaluate the style of hair and determine if it is disruptive to the educational process.

Shirts/tops: All shirts must have a sleeve of some type. No tank tops, halter tops, small straps, bare midriffs, off the shoulder tops, backless, or sheer fabrics. No large holes or shredded material that show skin. Tops must cover all under garments. No deep scoop necklines or exposed cleavage is allowed. No large, oversized shirts.

Pants/shorts: No short shorts or skirts. Shorts must have at least a 6 inch inseam. Skirts must follow same 6 inch inseam rule. No tears or holes that would expose skin above the knee – a patch can be used as long as the pants don’t have loose frays. No loose frays on jeans, shorts or pants. No bagging or sagging will be allowed, belts should be worn when needed. All leggings of any sort will need to be covered with a top that follows the 6 inch inseam rule as a minimum.

Accessories: No hats, caps, bandannas, sunglasses, gloves, etc…, should be worn in the school building during the school day or at indoor activities unless approved by the administration for special programs/situations.

No jewelry will be worn in pierced areas of the body that substantially disrupt or materially interfere with student safety or instruction. No thick, long chains, long dangling earrings, exaggerated body piercings. No long belts. No studded or spiked clothing or accessories.

No clothing or accessories will be allowed that display or promote tobacco, alcohol, any illegal substances or acts, violence, obscene or suggestive material.

No pajama type clothing should be worn to school. House shoes, slippers will not be acceptable footwear.

Clothing shall be neat and clean – no “Grunge” or “Gang” style clothing will be allowed.

No large coats will be allowed in the classrooms. Students may wear hoodies or light jackets to class.

To help with student sense of positive self-reflection no writing on self or others will be allowed. This includes clothing. Students will be asked to remove any writing on their body or will need to change clothes. Multiple infractions will result in an office conference and the possibility of progressive disciplinary action.

Our students will not wear, possess or display clothing or any emblems that are evidence or “want-to-be” affiliation in a gang on or about school property. “Sagging” (wearing pants that hang below the normal waistline often allowing undergarments to be seen) will not be permitted.

Violators of the dress code will be asked to change immediately. Multiple infractions will result in progressive discipline actions.


Students shall dress appropriately for all school activities and athletic activities. Students represent Conway Springs at all events and activities, and shall dress accordingly. Appropriate dress shall consist of dress pants, or slacks, and nice dress shirts. Jeans and t-shirts will not be accepted unless instructed to do so by a school official.


As a condition of continued enrollment in the district, students shall abide by the terms of this policy. Students shall not unlawfully manufacture, sell, distribute, dispense, possess or use illicit drugs, controlled substances or alcoholic beverages on school property, or at any school activity. Any student violating the terms of this policy will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement official, and will be subject to the following sanctions:

Short term suspension-long term suspension-suspension from all activities for up to one year-expulsion-completion of a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program, and/or others.


U.S.D. 356 is dedicated to the concept that extracurricular activities are an important and vital component of a total education. These activities provide positive learning experiences for our students, offering them opportunities for competition, integrity, and self-discipline.

Students have no absolute right to participate in such activities. Such participation is a privilege accorded to the students and encouraged by the board of education. Selection to a team, organization, or club, is both an honor and a privilege. The selection carries responsibilities commensurate with leadership roles. As leaders and representatives of USD 356, these students accept an obligation to represent themselves in an exemplary manner. All school policies and guidelines are in affect during middle school activities. If a student is absent from school for any part of a day, they are unable to participate or attend an activity or practice for that day. Band and music being exempt from this rule as the performances are considered a part of the music curriculum.

If a student brings a doctor’s note explaining the absence, the principal may wave the absence and allow them to participate. However, if the appointment is in the morning or afternoon, the student should not miss a majority of the day. Any student missing any part of the day without a principal approved absence will not be allowed to attend any activity whether they are a participant or not. Anyone caught in possession of a laser pen or pointer will not be allowed to attend any other activity for the remainder of the school year.


Upon request, the district discloses educational records, without consent, to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll. Under the provisions of FERPA, parents of students and eligible students (those who are eighteen or older) are afforded various rights in educational records, which are kept and maintained by the school. In accordance with FERPA you are required to be notified of those rights, which include: The right to review and inspect all of your educational records except those which are specifically exempted. The right to prevent disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in your educational records to other persons with certain limited exceptions. Disclosure of information from your educational records to other persons will occur only if:

*We have your prior written consent for disclosure;

* The information is considered directory information and you have not objected to the release of such information;

* Disclosure without consent is permitted by law.

The right to request your educational records be amended if you believe the record is misleading, inaccurate or otherwise, in violation of your rights. This right includes the right to request a hearing at which you may present evidence to show why the record should be changed if your request for an amendment to your record is denied in the first instance. The right to file a complaint with the Family Policy and Regulations Office at the US Department of Ed. at 400 Maryland Ave. SW. MES, Room # 4074, Washington, D.C. 20202. The right to obtain a copy of FERPA policies.


Fire Drill: We are required by state law to have regularly scheduled monthly fire drills. When the long continual alarm sounds, the instructor will take charge and everyone must exit quickly and orderly until clearing the building by at least fifty feet.

Tornado Drill: The purpose of a tornado drill is to help ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of severe weather.


Our counselor works to help students solve personal problems as well as problems that relate to educational planning and progress. The school counselor coordinates activities that relate to the various standardized tests and State Assessments. Questions about these tests and about the interpretation of these results should be directed to the school counselor. The primary responsibility of the counselor is for the welfare of the individual student. Parents should feel free to call the counselor’s office for personal appointments regarding any problem their child may be experiencing. When the home and school work together, the student’s progress is greatly enhanced.


Sexual harassment, harassment of any kind, or bullying will not be tolerated in the school district (including: on school property, property immediately adjacent to school grounds, in a school vehicle, at school-sponsored activity or event, or at any school bus stop.)

Gender/Ethnic/Religious/Disability/Height/Weight harassment also will not be tolerated. This can include inappropriate verbal, nonverbal, or physical contact.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other inappropriate oral, written or physical conduct of a sexual nature when made by a member of the school staff to a student or when made by any student to another student. When acts of sexual harassment are substantiated, appropriate action will be taken against the individual.

Any student who believes that he/she is the victim of any harassment or has observed such actions taken by another student, staff member, or other person associated with the district should discuss the alleged harassment with the principal, guidance counselor, or another certified staff member. If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student in this meeting, the student may initiate a complaint under the District's discrimination complaint procedure. The student may submit a report in writing, by telephone, or in person. The reporting student should provide the name of the person(s) whom he/she believes to be responsible for the harassment and the nature of the harassing incident(s).

Some forms of sexual harassment of a student by another student or staff member may be considered a form of child abuse which will require that a report be made to proper authorities. Any report shall be investigated in a timely and confidential manner. If the investigation reveals that the complaint is valid, then prompt, appropriate remedial and/or disciplinary action will be taken to prevent the continuance of the harassment or its recurrence.

This harassment policy also includes all forms of bullying. Bullying is any act that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental health, physical health or safety of a student or that substantially interferes with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities or performance.

All students are expected to act responsibly, honestly, and with the utmost candor whenever they present harassment allegations or charges against fellow students, a staff member, or others associated with the District.


All students enrolled in any district school shall provide the building principal with proof of immunizations of certain diseases or furnish documents to satisfy statutory requirements. Booster shots required by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Environment are also required. The superintendent may exclude students who fail to provide the documentation required by law from school until statutory requirements are satisfied.


The library is a resource center for all Middle School students. Please use it with respect. It is open from 7:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Library materials may be checked out for two weeks at a time and renewed an additional two weeks as long as needed. Reserve materials, vertical files, and magazines may be checked out over night and are due back by 8:10 a.m. the next morning. They may be renewed daily. It is requested that those using materials return them as soon as possible so that others may use them. Fines are charged on overdue materials at the following rates:

Lost materials will be charged at the following rate:

Hardback book- $12.00

Paperback book- $5.00

Vertical file- $5.00

Magazine- $2.00

If the lost item is found and returned to the library, the money, less $1.00, will be returned. Please be responsible to return materials when due and pay fines promptly. There will be no free days. Students accumulating fines or keeping overdue books will lose library privileges until the items are returned and the fines are paid. Teachers may send students, two at a time, from their classes. Students sent to the library should sit in the reading area. If a student becomes disruptive, they will be sent back to class and will lose their library privileges for a period of time determined by Mrs. Kitch. The librarian and assistant are resource people. Please ask for their assistance if you need help.


Each student is assigned a locker for the storage of books and supplies. It is the student’s responsibility to see that his/her locker is kept in order at all times. Do not tamper with anyone else’s locker. Students are responsible for care of assigned lockers. Defacing or damaging assigned lockers is prohibited. The student assumes responsibility for such action. No stickers or tape shall be posted to lockers. All lockers are property of USD 356 and are subject to inspection by authorized school personnel. School wide locker clean outs will be conducted as needed.

Lockers are provided so that students do not need to carry book bags or duffle bags. Bags should not be carried to class. Sports bags should be kept in the athletic lockers.


The lost and found for articles of clothing will be located in the commons area. Jewelry and other valuables, (example: wallets, lunch cards) will be located in the office. At the end of each semester all articles left in the commons area lost and found will contribute to charitable organizations.


The medication policy for the district is listed under board policy JGFGB-R (Supervisor of Medication). This policy includes the following items: Diagnosis and treatment of illness and the prescribing of drugs and medicine are not the responsibility of the public school and are not to be practiced by any school personnel, including the school nurse, unless authorized. The school may cooperate with parents in the supervision of medication that a child will use. However, the medical person authorized to prescribe medication or the parent if it is a non-prescription medication must send a written order to the building administrator who may supervise the administration of the medication or treatment. The parent must submit a written request to the building administrator requesting the school’s cooperation in such supervision and releasing the school district and personnel from liability. School personnel shall not be required to be custodians of any medication except as required by a written order of a licensed medical person or in the case of non-prescription medication when requested in writing by the parents. The medication shall be examined by the school employee administering the medication to determine that it appears to be in the original container, to be properly labeled, and to be properly authorized by the written order of a licensed medical person. Any changes in dosage, type of drugs, or time of administration, should be accompanied by new physician or parent permission signatures and a newly labeled pharmacy container. All medication maintained in the school setting should be kept in a locked container. This includes medication requiring refrigeration. Out of date stock medications should be returned to the parent or destroyed. Over-the-counter medication should not be maintained on any school premises, including athletic areas, unless written parent permission to administer is obtained. In any administration of medication, the school employee shall not be deemed to have assumed any legal responsibility other than acting as a duly authorized employee of the school district.


Discrimination against any student on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or religion in the admission or access to or treatment in the district’s programs and activities is prohibited. Clay Murphy, Superintendent of Schools, 620-456-2961, has been designated to coordinate compliance with non-discrimination requirement contained in Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Any student who believes he/she has been discriminated against may file a complaint with the building principal or a compliance coordinator. Any complaint of discrimination shall be resolved under the district’s discrimination complaint procedure.


Students should not bring personal property items (examples: Electronic devices, skateboards, scooters, drink containers, etc…) to school. Such items will be taken from students and kept in the office. The administration reserves the option of requiring parents to pick them up for multiple infractions or issues. Students may be assigned disciplinary action for repeated offenses or major issues.


All middle school students failing two or more subjects at the end of the school year will be considered for retention subject to final determination made by the building principal, after consultation with the faculty and parents. A student failing less than two subjects may be considered for retention if it is determined to be in the best interest of the individual student. (USD #356 Policy)


School sponsored dances are for Conway Springs Middle School students only. School behavior, failing grades, good standing, and dress codes apply. No cell phones/electronic devices or gum allowed.


Gum is not allowed at school except in certain situations as determined by the classroom instructor for educational purposes. Students may receive a 30 minute detention for this offense. Occasionally teachers will provide an opportunity for a snack or treat as a reward. At this time students will be encouraged to bring enough money to cover the price of their chosen snack.


The Board of Education of USD 356 will comply with the procedures for suspension and expulsion of students by the Kansas Legislature and charges its administrators and teachers to comply with the same.


Students will not be called out of class unless it is an emergency, and then only with the permission of the principal. Office phones are only available to students calling for a canceled event or sudden change in schedule. Requests should be confined, if possible, to before and after school.


Students who receive phone messages during the school day will receive their messages no sooner than 2:45 or 9th hour. Students, therefore, will be given urgent messages or sign-out information by the office.


The classroom teachers will issue books to students at the beginning of the school year. Students are expected to take care of all books. Any damage will result in charging the person for the damage done.


Anyone riding in a school vehicle to an activity will be expected to return the same way. The only exception to this will be if the student brings a note signed and dated by their parent or guardian to the teacher or coach in charge of the activity before the school vehicle leaves for the activity. A student can only be released to their parent or guardian.


Vision and hearing screenings are conducted on grades six and eight in the Middle School. Any abnormal findings will be reported to parents/guardians.


Parents are encouraged and invited to school to become better acquainted with the programs. Please contact the Middle School Principal when planning a visit. Every attempt will be made to make your visit enjoyable. Student guests are not allowed.


A student shall not knowingly possess, handle or transmit any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon at school, on school property or at a school-sponsored event. This shall include any weapon, any item being used as a weapon or destructive device, or any facsimile of a weapon. Possession of a firearm shall result in expulsion from school for a period of one calendar year, except the superintendent may recommend this expulsion requirement be modified on a case-by-case basis (see JDC). As used in this policy, the term “firearm” means any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive, the frame or receiver of any such weapon, or any firearm muffler or silencer, or any destructive device. As used in this policy, the term “destructive device” means any explosive, incendiary or poison gas, bomb, grenade, rocket having a propellant charge or more than four ounces, missile having an explosive or incendiary charge or more than one-quarter ounce, or other device similar to any of these devices.

EXPLANATION: The possession of any weapon or destructive device will immediately result in an out-of-school suspension. Any facsimile of a weapon of destructive device will result in the same suspension. This policy supports the contention that there will not be weapons (or facsimiles) on school grounds or events.

Examples of weapons include, but not limited to: firearms- loaded or unloaded-including BB guns and pellet guns; knives having a blade of three and one-half inches or more; any knife which can be opened by means of a switch, button or spring mechanism or which is displayed in any manner which tends to threaten, intimidate, frighten or harass another person; brass knuckles or other objects placed on the fist; nun chucks or any other martial arts weapon; slingshots; bludgeons, including any instrument intended to strike another person. Weapon also means any object which is generally used for nonviolent or non-dangerous purposes, but which can be considered a weapon under this policy is a result of its intended or threatened use.

-Have you taken the opportunity today to appreciate the people that deserve it?

-Have you taken the opportunity today to show acts of kindness to all those around you?

-Have you made a difference today in someone’s life?

-Have you been a positive influence on those in your school?

-Have you made choices that positively reflect on Conway Springs Middle School?

-Have you pushed yourself today to be the best you can be?

-Have you taken advantage today of the opportunities presented to you and grown because of them?


The Cardinal Way

The Right Way