Scholars Bowl

Jan.15, 2021

Dear Parents of Middle School Scholar Bowl team members:

Our events are about to begin! Here is some information and dates for your calendar.

Practices will be in the library during AR time a couple times a week for each group. I may schedule an after school one here and there, if needed. Our Middle School competition season starts right after basketball finishes, so January 21 is our first meet.

Usually the meets are scheduled for Thursdays at 4:30. However, please note that the last meet will be our home meet on Monday, February 15. This is also President’s Day, which we have off from school. Please let me know if your student will not be able to attend on that day. Please be here by 4:10.

We have nine players on our 7th grade team and seven on the 8th grade team this year, so one 7th grader will be riding with the 8th graders, if everyone is at school that day. Five team members play at a time, with the others rotating in between the matches. Rank on the team right now is based on their try-out test, but may change during the season, as we see how well each player does in answering questions at the tournaments.

Since this year has been like no other, I did not order team shirts in the fall, because I was not sure we would even get to this point in-person this year. Please, just wear some kind of Conway Springs shirt on competition days. If you were on the Scholar Bowl team last year, and still have that shirt, you may wear it.

Another item – we are only allowed to have our kids, sponsors and tournament workers this year attending the meets, so we are not allowed to invite you to attend, even the home meet. There is also no large league tournament. The schedule has been arranged so that all teams play each other equally through the season, and league placement will be determined from that.

Schools are also not allowed to provide refreshments. If you want to send a snack for your student to have before we leave for the tournament, that is fine. Each student will also bring his/her own water bottle. Masks will be required at the meets and in the Suburbans. We also will not be stopping to eat anywhere on the return trip.

Schedule: Please note that most of the locations are different than those on the district calendar.

I am estimating the return times. This year, the meets are smaller, 4 team meets and not everyone plays each team, to keep stats lined up through the season, so the whole tournament will probably only last about an hour. Return time also varies with distance. We will use the middle school School Messenger system to let you know when we are leaving each tournament.

Thursday, January 21 – at Belle Plaine – meet begins at 4:30. Probably be back around 6:00

Thursday, January 28 – at Kingman – meet starts at 4:30. Return time around 6:30

Thursday, February 4 - at Medicine Lodge– starts at 4:30. Back around 6:45.

Thursday, February 11 – at Belle Plaine again – starts at 4:30, home around 6:00

Monday, February 15 (President’s Day) home meet - starts at 4:30, finished around 5:30.

If we are coming back from the north and you need to have a Viola area student dropped off at the Viola gym, we can arrange to do that. If you need to contact us, Mrs. Kitch usually takes her cell phone with us. That number is (620) – 440-7570. Mrs. Martin will also be driving and sponsoring one of the teams. Her cell number is (316) – 308-6261.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us at school, 456-2965, or or home (Mrs. Kitch at 456-2076) or You can also check the Scholar Bowl page on the CSMS web site for additional information.

Sara Kitch

Kristy Martin

Scholars’ Bowl Sponsors