Dear Parents of Middle School Scholar Bowl team members:

Our events do not begin until after basketball season, but will be coming up pretty fast once we get back from Christmas! Here is some information and dates for your calendar. This year the dates and locations do agree with what was published in the district calendar.

Our Middle School competition season starts right after basketball finishes. The League is staying with the shorter season format we have used for the last couple of years. We will still have the five meets, but in the span of 2 weeks, instead of spread out over a month. So, hopefully everyone stays healthy and the weather cooperates, and not a lot of rescheduling happens.

Practices will be in the library during AR time a couple times a week for each group. I may schedule an after school one here and there, if needed. We have eight players on 7 th and 7 on the 8 th grade teams this year. Five team members play at a time, with the others rotating in between the matches. Rank on the team right now is based on their try-out test, but may change during the season, as we see how well each player does in answering questions at the tournaments.

Schools also may or may not be providing refreshments. If you want to send a snack for your student to have before we leave for the tournament, that is fine. No food is allowed in the school vehicles. Each student may bring his/her own water bottle. Since the meets are over pretty fast, and not very far away, I am thinking the only time we might be stopping to eat on the way home might be the last meet on Monday, February 5, since it is in Wichita. We may be having a concession stand at our home meet,

so that would probably be the only times anyone would need to bring money.


I am estimating the return times. The tournaments are smaller, double round-robin, 4 or 5 team meets and not everyone plays each team, to keep stats lined up through the season, so the whole tournament will probably only last about an hour. Return time also varies with distance. We will use the middle school “Parent Square” system to let you know when we are leaving each tournament.

If we are coming back from the north and you need to have a Viola area student dropped off at the Viola gym, we can arrange to do that. If you are meeting us at a tournament, and taking your student home with you, instead of coming back with us in school transportation, we will need to have you document that for us as well. 

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us at school, 620-456-2965, or or You can also check the Scholar Bowl page on the CSMS web site for additional information.

Sara Kitch
Kristy Martin

Scholars’ Bowl Sponsors