Terese Beal

CSMS math is geared towards developing a fluency in working with numbers and expanding a math foundation that encourages critical thinking.

Course 1

This is a 6th grade course focusing on fractions, percents, and decimals along with ratios and proportional thinking. Several other standards are also introduced, reviewed, and practiced.

Course 2

This is a 7th grade course that expands on the concepts from Course 1. Emphasis is on expressions and equations, and proportional relationships.

Course 3

The class is designated as the intro to algebra 1 and is taken by 8th grade. It expands on equations and also introduces some geometry concepts.

Agebra 1

This class will expand on algebra skills and higher level math concepts It is paced similar to HS algebra 1 and follows Course 3.

Terese Beal (Claflin)

Subject Math

Phone 620-456-2965

Room #204

Mrs. Beal came to Conway Springs in the fall of 2006 from Meade, Kansas. She is a Fort Hays State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.