Matthew Hurtt

6th Grade English

Sixth Grade English focuses on the proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage of the English language.  The students will learn word structure (prefixes, suffixes, and Greek/Latin roots), figurative language (similes, metaphors, analogies, personification, hyperbole, idioms, and onomatopoeias), paraphrasing, summaries, and many other language arts skills.  The students will have a spelling test each week and a Daily Language Review every week.  They will visit the library every Friday and learn how to put together and cite a proper research report using library reference materials.  The following web address will show you the 6th grade ELA common core standards.

6th Grade Reading

Reading and English are grouped into the same ELA standards for sixth grade.  However, the students will focus on types of text, text structure, author's purpose, elements of plot, context clues, character traits, using evidence to support conclusions, main ideas and details, themes, and much more.  The students will explore these ideas through a variety of texts and selections.  There will be an emphasis on strengthening vocabulary and effective six trait writing skills.  Each selection that they will study will have a power point presentation that will help guide them through the skill focus that week.

6th Grade Science

6th grade Science is primarily life science and earth science content.  However, during the first nine weeks of the year, the students will focus on scientific processing skills, graphing and analyzing data, use of scientific implements, and metric conversion and usage.  The second and third nine weeks will cover living things, bacteria, viruses, the chemistry of life, cells, cell biology, the cell cycle, heredity, DNA, the interactions of living things, and how living things use energy.  The fourth nine weeks will delve into the rock cycle, plate tectonics, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

6th Grade Social Studies

Starting off with discussing geography, latitude/longitude, and maps, 6th Grade Social Studies then moves into the topics of early humans, first civilizations, like Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, and the Israelites. Then, the area of focus becomes Ancient Greece, Persian Wars, Greek culture, the Hellenistic Age, Ancient India, Hinduism/Buddhism, China's first civilizations, and Chinese dynasties.  During the fourth nine weeks, the students will discover Rome's beginnings, the Roman Republic, the Early Empire, Life in Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, the Middle Ages, Feudalism, and if time remains, Kingdoms and Crusades.  The following web address will take you to the site for our text book.

Assignment Calendar

6th Grade English/Reading/Social Studies/Science
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Graduated from Manhattan High School in 1994, entered U.S. Army from 1994-1997, graduated from Kansas State University,1997-2001 with a BS in Elementary Ed..  Taught in Coronado and Franklin-Lowell Elementary Schools, Salina, KS 2002-2004, St. John's Military School 2004-2006.  Came to Conway Springs in spring of 2005.  Currently, Head Coach MS Volleyball and MS Track.