7th/8th Choir

All 7th and 8th grade students are welcome to join Choir! Students will sing every day, improving their reading skills and sight-singing skills through solfege. Students also have opportunities to perform in concerts within the community, and individually at festivals.

6th Grade Choir

6th grade choir is designed to transition students from the general music classroom to a rehearsal-based, ensemble class. Students will learn a variety of songs, in unison and 2 part, basic sight-singing skills through solfege, and perform at the semester concerts.

PERFORMANCES-Updated 8/12/16

6th Grade
Sat. Oct. 15 SCKMEA Elementary Honor Choir

Tues. Nov. 30 MS Music Concert

Tues. May 2 MS Choir Concert

7th/8th Grade
Sat. Nov. 7 SCKMEA Middle Level Honor Choir

Tues. Nov. 30 MS Music Concert

Thurs.-Sat. Feb. 23-25 KMEA All-State Middle Level Honor Choir

Wed. Apr. 5 CPMSL Music Festival

Tues. May 2 MS Choir Concert

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